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Our History

Since 2010, Designer Stone Solutions, Inc. has set itself apart from the competition by providing superior customer service, highest quality product at highly competitive prices. From our beginnings we bring along a passion for quality stone craftsmanship into each project we are involved in.  We have been sought after by clients of all walks of life, including some you may sang along with.  Whether you are a Home Owner, Retailer, Property Manager, Project Manager, Builder, or Remodeler we are sure to have exactly what you are looking for when it comes to stone craftsmanship and services.

Our products and services have been in high demand throughout the Chicagoland area and beyond.  While we specialize in some of the most precious stones in our industry, our work has been featured in interior design magazines throughout the US. As we are passionate about our work and creations on a daily basis, we constantly evolve our knowledge and expand our platform with the introduction of new Surfaces, Stones, and methods.  Our team has successfully installed over three thousand projects thus far, we wait to hear the call for the most important project to you.

What we Can do for You!
Stone Selection

Choosing the right stone or color may be one of the hardest decisions you may run into. With an expansive knowledge of styles as through our decades of experience,  our clients enjoy the peace of mind that they have the right team on their side. We have worked on projects spanning from Luxurious Magazine featured Homes,  to a simply refreshing kitchen remodel.  Don't take on the potential headache alone, give our team a call and make your project less intimidating.


Each project is measured by one of our professionals.  As we know what is at stake, we take full responsibility for the quality and outcome of your project.  Our measurement techs have a minimum of 5 year experience in our industry.  Whether your project requires Hard Templating, Laser Templating or simple measuring, rest assured that we will check it twice and cut once.


Meticulousness is a way of life with Designer Stone Solutions, Inc.  While we implement the use of latest and time tested technology, the end result starts and ends with our professional craftsmen.  We employ some of the best in our industry, we also have a strict multi step quality control system in place to ensure only the finest crafted stone makes its way into the heart of your home or project.  While our production capacity is significant in size, we continuously work to improve our systems to maintain our quality, integrity and longevity of our end product.


No project is as good as a Professionally Finished project.  Our Installation crews are employed by Designer Stone Solutions, Inc. and adhere to our policies, quality standards as well as our demand for professionalism.  From a pleasant arrival to a clean and professional installation of your project we thrive to surpass your expectations.  The professionals in our organization have a passion for their work as well as a Customer First attitude guaranteeing results that will make them and our clients proud.


We Service all of our Competitors Work!
Designer Stone Solutions, Inc. has conducted many service call to correct issues from our competitors.  Whether it is a seam separation to complete overhaul of a poorly done project we have the capacity to assist the worst of your issues. Don't wait to the issue to get worse, contact our Customer Service Department today!

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